It Doesn't Get Any Better

I have my very own cabin to run around in the woods and kick back
and watch a football game with my best buddy. It doesn't get any better than this!


My Quest For a Forever Home Has Arrived

Looking West to my new home.
Bath time before flying.
Hitching a ride to the airport.
Flying the Friendly skies.
Check-In time.
Saying Good-bye is so so hard.
Jimmy views on all of this.
Getting the papers in order.
My own special seat.
Waiting for the ride over to the plane.
A little confused why I'm in here.
Been in the air 1-1/2 hours now.
and over Nebraska.
Four miles to landing in Denver.
It's official, I've now live in Colorado.

My new sister, Daisy. This from my new dad. "Jimmy is settling in wonderfully here. He and Daisy are getting along great. They are playing as I type this. Even though Daisy is twice as heavy, Jimmy has her pinned down and is chewing on her ear. I think they are going to be best buddies. One thing we are going to do is change his name to Chauncey."
Hey! I call dibbs on this bed. (they won't say no, I'm new. hehe)


When I want a nap I know EXACTLY where to go.
Nothings better than to cuddle with someone you love.
If only it was a bird. I was so fixated, that every muscle in my body was quivering.
The perfect point for a squirrel.Maybe someone could teach me how to do this for a bird.


Sneak Attack

Jimmy has a way of getting what he wants.

Everyone Should Play...

when Jimmy wants to play. Or should they?

Speed Bump? Not with Jimmy

When Jimmy gets into the "zone" there's no stopping him. And when he's done, he's done.


Jimmy's New Choo's

Like my new Choo's? They were easy to come by and they're more like boots than shoes.

Lani wins the the prize for the best coverage.
A pack of us(10) went to the dog park on Sunday and what a Blast we all had. We ran for 2-1/2 hours nonstop and cooled off in a mud pond of sorts. It felt really good, but the humans didn't like it much. Don't you think it highlights the white fur better. :o)


Jimmy sure could give the energizer bunny a run for his money. He's nonstop in the yard for hours just squirrel watching.


6 Pack for Dinner

Another friend for dinner. Heathcliff came when I left for a few weeks. Didn't take long for them to help another guy in need. But I'm back for now. Gees! any more and we'll have to eat outside. 4 of the 6 of us are IBR dogs. 2 of us are fosters. IBR dogs are; Sugar standing on the towel, Me next to her, Cliff standing in front of me and Ali in the lower left corner. Lady, in front of Sugar was adopted from a shelter and Sienna by the table, came as a puppy 5 years ago. What a happy group.

Bed buddies. Not yet, but getting closer.


Update from His New Foster Home

It's been a week now that Jimmy has been at his new foster home. This is what they had to say about him.

"Jimmy has been settling in well. I believe he and Oxford have worked out the lead dog role, the leader being Ox. We have had no destructive behaviors at all. He has been crated during the workday. He is reluctant and may whimper a bit, but he gets over it pretty quickly. You do want to be careful about him getting out from under a gap in the fence as we found out Saturday.(Note: At my home he didn't try find a way out, but I had 4 girls vs. competing for an Alpha role with a male.) However, he stayed within a couple of blocks and when spotted, he came when called very nicely.

We have been doing even more work on his recall. We took him to a fenced dog park on Sunday night. At the dog park it was awesome watching them work as a team sweeping the high grass for birds. We did some hide and seek finds for freeze dried pheasant wings. Oxford pointed and Jimmy backed him up and honored him almost like he has done that before.

He is a really laid back dog for his age and breed. He has barked but maybe once or twice. He loves to sleep on the end of the bed or on the couch next to you and has been our little shadow. He loves stuffed toys and rawhide bones. He is very playful with Ox they have a couple wrestling matches in the morning and before bed. They love to chase each other in the yard. I believe he loves having a playmate in Ox but he also loves people and is content to be an armrest next to you on the couch all evening."


New Play Pal

I've gone to a foster home that has another dog, Oxford that found his forever home and needed a playmate to burn off his energy. Well, we hit it off great from the first paw in the yard.
Cooling off after some serious play. It's funny too, 'cuz before I came Ox would never go in the pool. See what infulence I have on other dogs

I can make friends with anyone. See! Dodger and I are buds too.


'Ya Know

I'm thinkingthat chow time is a good thing. Glad there aren't any more dogs though. It's kinda crowded.

I Think I'm One of Them

It seems that after a month, at least one of them wants to play with me.

Ali doesn't like me playing with Sienna and she let's me know it too.


The Little Pleasures In Life

Just laying around and enjoying a teddy.

that chew stick looks awful inviting. I think I want it.
I just can't decide, stuffy or chew stick. Chew stick wins!


My First Bird Test

This was my first test to scent out the birds and see if I have potential for hunting. While it's not a sure thing or a perfect test, I did find it, but mostly I had fun with everyone else.

They're Coming Around

It's taken a bit to convince them I'm okay to play with, but they're starting to play with me.


One Of Us Needs A Furever Home

Can you tell which one of us, Incredible Super Pups, is waiting for their special furever family and which one looks pretty settled in?


For a little down time from running around or playing with stuffies, a chew stick sure passes the time away.